The Air-Pump (2020)

Developed to compliment the Air-Hood, the air pump provides a continuous supply of filtered air to the wearer of the Air-Hood. The HEPA filter traps dust and moisture particles that may be carrying the virus. Airflow and pressure is monitored to ensure the user receives adequate air. The unit is designed to be worn from a belt and can be recharged for each use.

Patent: 2028182.2

The Air-Hood (2020)

Developed inconjuction with a team of like-minded engineers to help provide a simple and safe solution to personal protection from the Covid-19 pandemic that was sweeping across the world. This simple but clever air-hood provided a economical version of the highly sophisticated and expensive hazmat suit used in laboratories.

Patent: WO2021205182 (A1)

The Eco-Hopper (2011)

Developed for B&W Mechanical Handling. The Eco-Hopper was an improvement on previous Aumund designs and competitors by providing X 6 the filter area previously available. Air was extracted at a low point in the hopper which promoted a down draught. Tests used cement clinker proved the design to be very efficient.

Patent: EP2390208 (A1)

Vibrating Floor (2014)

Developed for Portasilo these vibrating floor panels were designed to optimise the distribution of vibration, reduce spring failure and improve efficiency of discharge.

Patent: WO2014056861 (A1)